The advantages of staff leasing are in particular flexibility, complexity, services tailored exactly to the client's corporate profile, saving time, as well as money.

Employer's procedure:

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Fill in a short questionnaire, stating how many employees you need, the job description and conditions under which they work.
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Based on the questionnaire, we will prepare a price offer for you, indicating labour costs and our commission.


After accepting the price offer, we will send you a temporary assignment agreement, including all conditions and terms. Once the conditions have been agreed, we will sign the agreement and start the recruitment process.
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We will provide you with CVs of suitable candidates until the set deadline. We offer the possibility of a personal interview with the candidate, in case of foreigners from India via Skype.
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When the applicant has been approved, we sign an employment contract with him/her, arrange all permits and work equipment for him/her. By the deadline specified in the contract, the employee starts to work at your workplace.
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By the set date of the month, we invoice you the employee's work based on attendance and performance. Subsequently, we pay a salary to the employee.

Advantages of staff leasing


The Try & Hire service allows to first try the candidate through staff leasing to verify his/her skills and work ethics. Later, it is possible to purchase the employee into the regular workforce under the pre-determined conditions.


  • Reducing risk when recruiting new employees into the regular workforce
  • Not paying a one-time recruitment commission for an unsuitable candidate
  • Not paying a one-time recruitment commission for an unsuitable candidate
  • "No deal = No pay" i.e. payment only for days actually worked
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Cost and time savings
We will bear the costs related to the search for, recruitment and selection of employees for you.

Getting rid of paper work
We fully perform all administrative tasks and duties related to the employment relationship, the entire personnel and payroll agenda from the conclusion of the employment contract to the termination of the employment relationship.

Eliminating risk in case of new employees
Creation of time for testing, verifying the employee's abilities and skills.

Flexible staff planning
Simple conclusion and termination of employment relationship. Flexible number of regular workforce.

Business relationship
Switch from employment to business relationship and subsequent immediate savings in labour costs and elimination of risks.

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