Foreign workforce is associated with lower costs, less probability of staff turnover, cultural diversity, as well as international corporate prestige.

Advantages of foreign workforce

Nižšie náklady | RAYA GROUP

Lower costs

Kvalitne odvedená práca | RAYA GROUP

Quality work done

Ručíme za pracovníka | RAYA GROUP

Qualification of professionals

Vyššia pracovná morálka | RAYA GROUP

Higher work ethics

Menšia pravdepodobnosť fluktuácie | RAYA GROUP

Less probability of staff turnover

Kultúrna rozmanitosť a medzinárodná prestíž firmy | RAYA GROUP

Cultural diversity and international corporate prestige

Procedure for commencing a foreigner's employment

DAY 0 

Contacting candidates, who have their documents for leaving the home country already prepared.

Booking of accommodation and candidates arriving in Slovakia.



Obtaining Slovak documents for foreign police department and submitting a residence application.

Commencing of the employee's work.



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